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A Digital Temperature Controller is available for the Chronical fermentor to dial your fermenter’s temperature in to the degree.

Lid is easy to remove, and sealed in place with a molded silicone gasket. Full capacity to the rim of fermenter is 7 gallons, and with domed lid and a optional blowoff setup, Laser Etched Gallon Markers inside denote what volume of brew you are working with. Six spring-loaded Lid Clamps hold the lid in place, confirming that your Chronical is airtight, and can be pressurized to 5 PSI for easy transfers.

Sturdy Stainless Legs keep your beer off the ground, and allow for clean and easy access to racking and dump valves. We mentioned these legs are sturdy, and we meant it.

An expansive features list like this normally carries an equally hefty price tag, but the Chronical fermentor is designed with economics in mind. At under $400, this piece of fermenting beauty is a steal for the quality and features included. Look forward to new products and great deals to come from SS BrewTech and MoreBeer!

Certified Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Construction
Patent Pending Stainless Steel Rotating Racking Arm
7 Gallon Capacity (w/o lid)
60° cone for clean yeast harvesting
1.5” Tri Clamp bottom with Elbow and 3 piece Ball Valve
Stackable design minimizes footprint and maximizes ferment space!
Molded Silicone Gasket for airtight Lid seal.
Six Spring-Loaded Lid Clamps hold Lid in place
Pressurizeable to 5 PSI for Transfers
Volume Markers inside for easy volume assessment
TIG Sanitary Welds - Easy to Clean, Long-lasting!
34” Height x 14” Width
Thermowell is 0.25" ID, and can be upgraded with our MT500 3" dial thermometer for easier readings.

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