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The fully automatic control system brews with preset or your own individual recipes. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases. In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not need to be stirred all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is circulated gently and conveniently. Nothing can burn on and nothing needs to be racked during the brewing phases.Heating coil: 2,000 W output Pump: 9 W Power supply connection: 230 V(fuse protection min. 10 Amp.)

Control system: fully automatic brewing control(temperature, time, pump)Max. malt quantity: 6 kg.The housing's surface of the module is aluminum anodized and could be easily clamp to the feet of the Braumeister. The connection cable has to be screwed to the free connection on the control unit (similar to the temperature sensor)The monitoring is possible through router or directly as hotspot on the smartphone. At the moment there is no App available.The module disposes as a flash adapter.This allows to update the newest version which would be available online using PC (the cable therefore will be provided)

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