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The new TOWER of POWER temperature control system is like nothing on the market! This gas fired RIMS system is high quality, and ultra high accuracy! Simple to use, and easy to integrate into your system one module at a time or as a completely free-standing control powerhouse!

We have developed this MODULAR control system in much the same way as our modular TopTier brewing stand: adaptable and the ultimate in quality.


Purchase a single control unit for your mash tun, or one for your hot liquor tank, or both! Already have a pump and all the plumbing for your system? No problem - all you'll need are the control units - the pump tower is purchased separately should you need the pump and plumbing in a compact and convenient free-standing configuration. And it even bolts to our TopTier stand with the optional mounting kit!


Ultra precision and accuracy - the TOWER of POWER will hold your mash to 0.5F (0.25C)! That's up to 4X the competition! Why do we make this distinction between accuracy and precision? Precision is the ability to read to a small increment, and to do so repeatedly. Accuracy is whether that precise reading is actually correct! For example, a mercury thermometer is usually quite accurate, but the number of decimals you can ready are not very precise. Similarly, an inexpensive thermistor on a Ranco control will be adequately precise and repeatable, but they are not known for their accuracy. Similarly, using a thermocouple on an accurate PLC or PID isn't going to give you accuracy, just precision. For accuracy AND precision you need a high quality sensor, and also a high quality meter that can read it. Having just a quality sensor isn't enough! We use a Class A precision RTD and a high quality metering circuit found in PID's and PLC's, but not temp switches like Ranco/Love switches use. The refrigeration thermistors and even industrial thermocouples our competitors use will only get you to within a couple degrees at best. So while our competitor's product will may claim to control to within 0.5F (0.25C), they're really talking about what number reads on the meter, not the actual temperature. Only the TOWER of POWER will deliver the accuracy to actually achieve that! So much so that you can use it to calibrate your other instruments!


Since the TOWER of POWER controls your burner, only a couple amps of 120V power is needed to run the pump and the control electronics. Typical electric RIMS systems need 220V and 20-30 A! Other systems require manual ramping, and use a small electric heater to maintain temps. With the TOWER of POWER system, ramp times are fast, automatic, and control is outstanding! Easily maintain +/- 0.5F (0.25C) stability! Optional TOP-Link software and cable allows you to easily program an unlimited number of mash profiles and even monitor/data-log on your PC!


Control Enclosure - each control enclosure includes the following:

  • Ultra high precision and accuracy PID controller and Class A precision RTD temp sensor. Sensor can be installed in any 1/2" hole in your pot for a HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing.
  • A pilotless electronic ignition control system that adapts to ANY burner (gas or propane) not just ours! This ignitor will instantly relight your burner if blown out by a wind, and will shut down your gas if a flame is not detected within 10 sec and will sound an alarm. Includes industrial ignition electrode and high quality silicone/carbon fiber ignition wire.
  • US made gas solenoid valve (installs on your burner gas supply)
  • Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (optional com cable required)
  • Convenient cable storage tray in the back of the enclosure to neatly store wires between uses.
  • Includes a decal for MASH and one for HLT so you can label appropriately.
  • Compact enclosure is 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D - easy to integrate into your brew system
  • Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder coated case will look beautiful for years

Pump Tower - This optional free standing RIMS plumbing tower offers the following features:

  • March 815 HS pump (can be purchased with or without the pump)
  • Flow meter to set your mash recirculation rate and your lauter rate. Doubles as a visual wort color/clarity sight-glass!
  • Adjustable low-flow alarm sounds a horn if your mash begins to stick or your flow slows for any reason
  • Custom designed 3-way valve will divert your wort from your mash tun to your boil kettle at sparge time with a twist of the wrist
  • Wort sampling valve to check for starch conversion or specific gravity/pH during the sparge
  • Conveniently mount one or two control modules (optional mounting plate reqd for second control)
  • Tower includes integral GFCI receptical for safety
  • Cleanup is a breeze! All you need is a bottling bucket. All you need is a bottling bucket.
  • Optional mounting kit for TopTier owners to permanantly install the unit onto your stand!
  • Gloss black powder coated tower will look beautiful for years.
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