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EasyDens is true to its name
•Reports give the measured results for density, SG (relative density) and one concentration unit of your choice (extract in % w/w, alcohol in % v/v or sugar content in °Brix)
•The two other concentration units are available via in-app purchase at any time
•Concentration values are already temperature-corrected, so you need no further calculations or correction tables
•Covers the entire measuring range needed for production of your homemade product
•Measurements are done in less than a minute, including filling and cleaning
•App for download on smartphones with operating system Android 4.3 and higher or or iOS 7.0 and higher.
•Data exchange between EasyDens and your Smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy

Keep your homemade product under control
•EasyDens helps you to ensure that your homemade product ends up the way you intended
•It monitors the fermentation of your handcrafted beverage and visualizes the process in a fermentation chart
•Measurement data can be saved and exported from the EasyDens app to further process them on your computer
•For homebrewers: the alcohol content is calculated from the measured extract/specific gravity results and is shown in the automatically created chart
•Enhance your production skills by learning about the influences of your raw materials and production process on the measured results
•Get the maximum drinkable volume – only a small amount of sample is needed for testing

Straightforward measuring procedure
•Samples containing CO2 and big particles need to be filtered before filling the measuring cell
•A few milliliters of sample are filled into the measuring cell by syringe
•The measured results are displayed on your smartphone moments later

Robust and maintenance-free design
•Robust design ensures a long-term working relationship
•Clean, calibrate and re-adjust EasyDens yourself, with some deionized water
•EasyDens is based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, which is also applied in the world's most accurate density meter, DMA 5000 Generation M.

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| Tony walker

Product works better than expected. quick easy testing with the bonus of saving the data to my pc

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