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This German-made Stout Faucet is just the thing for authentic stout on draft. This rugged piece features a five hole diffuser plate in the body to whip stout into a creamy stream as it pours into the glass.

To use this faucet, you will need a keg of lightly carbonated stout (use 2 oz. corn sugar per 5 gallons to prime) and a cylinder of 75% nitrogen -25% C02 gas (check with your local gas supplier). Once the keg is carbonated (you cannot artificially carbonate with the 75/25 beer mix gas), attach it to the faucet and set the dispensing pressure at 25 PSI (use 60 PSI beverage tubing and hose clamps). Serve stout at 40 - 45 F. Fits all standard shanks and tap handles. 8" long, 2 1/2" wide. Handle not included.

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