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Designed to easily fill growlers or bottles right off the tap! Two o-rings create a liquid tight seal within the faucet. Comes with one foot of beer line attached. Works with Perlick Perl 525 models (stainless or chrome). Does not fit standard beer faucets (see below).

Submerge the entire filler in a Star-San solution for at least a few minutes before using to sanitize it. Rinse after use for easy clean up. Also, foam can be greatly reduced if the filler and the growler are both at the same temperature as the beverage you are dispensing. Make sure you cap off the growler on foam for longer shelf life.

This model fits the Perlick "Perl" faucets only (both chrome and stainless 525 models). It will ONLY fit faucets with a 7/16" I.D. bore. We checked, and it will not fit the Perlick old style 425 faucets (with the removable spout) or the new Flow Control Perl Faucets

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