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Oxygenate your wort like the professionals do with this In-Line Oxygenation Kit from Blichmann Engineering! At the heart of this device is a stainless steel Infusion-T. Wort flows through the Infusion-T using high quality Blichmann 1/2" Quick Connectors. Inside the Infusion-T is a stainless steel infusion stone which does the heavy lifting of dissolving oxygen into your wort. A gas regulator and O2 supply hose fitted with 1/2" swivel nuts sets come with the unit as well. The gas regulator is sized to fit on a small oxygen canister, available at most hardware stores. Simply hook everything up, flow wort through the infusion T and turn on the gas regulator to create a constant stream of small bubbles, and you're wort will be fully oxygenated by the time it hits the fermenter.Features....Quickly and easily oxygenate your beer wort to promote yeast health and vigorous fermentation Quickly disassembles for cleaning and sanitation (unlike other products on the market!)....O2 Stone porosity is the perfect balance between small bubble size for quickly dissolving the oxygen, yet has the permeability for sanitizers to fully and quickly penetrate the stone for proper sanitation. Other manufacturers use stones so fine that sanitizers cannot penetrate them and they must be boiled to be properly sanitized.Included in Kit....Stainless Steel diffusion stone....Two 1/2 in. Quick Connectors....High quality O2 regulator....Custom stainless t-fitting....5 ft. length of hose

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