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This amazing product is an ideal companion with our revolutionary BoilCoil™ immersion heaters, but it’ll also work with ALL manufacturer’s immersion heaters! Our unique modular power controller lets you precisely control the power of your electric heating element from 0-100% power. Need to control more than one heating element for large kettles? Simply add up to 4 additional relay modules and drive them all with one power controller. Unlike cheap "dimmer switch" based power controllers, whose power output is not linear, the modular power controller is much easier to control the perfect boil intensity and heating rate. We accomplish this using a tried and true industrial technique called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Simply put, it controls the percentage of time the heater is energized over a very short 1 sec interval. So turning the knob to “6” energizes the heater for 0.6 seconds, and turns it off for the remainder of the 1 sec interval. This robust reliable technique is gentle on your heater, is extremely linear, and doesn’t create electrical noise like other techniques can. See below for other great features.
•Precise linear control of power from 0-100% with a fast-acting intuitive power knob.
•Industrial grade PWM control methodology is reliable, gentle to heating elements, and very linear.
•Ideal for boil kettle and BIAB applications where temperature control is not needed, but precise power control is. Note that this product does not read or control temperature.
•Allows you to dial in an exact and repeatable boil off rate to hit your final boil volume batch after batch.
•Perfect match for our BoilCoil™ electric heaters, but also works with any manufacturer’s immersion heater.
•30A 240V (7200W) single phase, and 20A 120V (2400W) models available.
•L6-30 30A 240V or L6-20 120V with power cable “pigtails” available.
•Have a large kettle with more than on heating element? Up to 4 optional relay modules can be quickly installed allowing you to drive up to 5 heating elements simultaneously with one power controller.
•Unique enclosure has provisions to route cables out of the back for table mounting, or out of the bottom for wall mounting. Field changeable.
•Integral DIN rail groove on the back allows connecting multiple controllers and relay modules together for wall or table mounting using readily available DIN mounting channels.
•Integral heat sink keeps the industrial grade solid-state relay (SSR) cool for long life and reliable operation.
•Optional 120V and 240V extension cables, and plug adapters are also available.
•Assembled in USA from US and imported components.
•Utilizes UL listed SSR and cables, but the assembly is not certified at this time.

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